UFC 4 - Coming out August 14th

Just realized this is for current gen only. EA stays taking Ls, couldn’t put a little more polish on it and release for next gen?

Im taking everyone to the ground

Imma bout to hop on the beta but have no hope for it after them reviews @RodSquad :joy::joy:

Keep your expectations as low as possible.

Fuck can they really mess up this much? Literally the last game felt so outdated in terms of the roster pretty much as soon as it came out, was looking forward to running with some new people in this one but not even expecting any good gameplay now. Shits annoying as they literally spend years between titles to put out a good one, especially after one of the dev said they’d reworked the animations etc to be a lot better than ufc 3

A day before my birthday. :+1:t5:

Tried the beta and it’s ASS. I miss the UFC games from THQ

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You actually a black belt?! I got to 2nd Dan blackbelt in karate back in the day. Been a while since I trained tho

The Steiner Recliner

Welp another year of disappointment I miss when thq made the games , ea just needs to make a GOOD sequal to fight night but I’m afraid they’ll fuck that up too

No I’m not a black belt.

Blue belt in BJJ though took it for 2 years.

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This pretty much sums it up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbf6qT_By4U I was fully prepared to buy this game day 1. After hearing others bash the game, i know it’s not just me being a noob. I skipped UFC 3, so i don’t have much to compare this game to. EA should be ashamed for letting true fans of the franchise down. I still might pick this up just to mess around, but this game isn’t worth full price at all it seems.

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Yep exactly. That’s the same exact review I went to after playing one match, just to make sure I wasn’t tripping. Everyone in the comments agrees this shit is garbage

I legit have not lost a match online and still feel the same way I did yesterday

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This is gonna b dope. Ufc 3 is a pretty great game considering its 4 years old or whatev. Im pretty much locked into the show for awhile. So might not b a day 1 cop. But ill def have it b4 xmas. Cant wait (bart scott voice)

Damn the first comment is Romero saying the shit feels weird. So thats a bummer. Romero is the man when it come to ufc games.

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I’m about to watch this, thank you, and I hope you shit on the game as badly as it deserves to be lol

Edit - my bad thought this was your vid. Martial Mind is an elite ufc player so ik he won’t let me down

That isnt me lol. That’s MartialMind, the biggest EA UFC Youtuber currently. I have mixed feelings about the beta. Some things i really like, some i dont.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts

Any of you not copping since the beta? Or you still gon ride with it on release