UFC 4 - Coming out August 14th

I’m a big fan of MMA and the EA UFC games. My first mma game was UFC Undisputed 2009 back in the THQ days. Really hyped for UFC 4 as they seemed to have improved the ground game. The striking was excellent in UFC 3 but the ground game was lacking. So if they beefed up the ground game and just made a few tweaks to the striking, this could be a masterpiece.


Day one cop

Sad to say I’m more hyped for this than 2k21

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You know I’m gonna be on this.

Im a black belt, I can destroy most people but @RodSquad is a 5th dan black belt sensei.

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Is there a demo???

There’s a closed beta coming I assume this week

Lmao man I can’t wait for that beta

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I wish it was on next hen though man I really do hope they make a version for it

They for sure will

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Yo Earv you ever make a UFC youtube mixtape? Do it


I find it very interesting that they dropped the Ultimate Team mode and the microtransactions. I may have to snag this one at launch at get my sport fix through this.

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Wait Earv be on that UFC 3? :eyes::eyes::eyes:

I got some clips from online.

The Lawler one was a title fight and he was piecing me up.

The Saunders one I went ultra instinct.


I just got fucking upset when I saw ‘official decision’ in the vid :triumph:

Are female in this B? If so I’d cop just because Rose is Lithuanian gotta rep my fam :mask:

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The official decision is he got murdered live on TV.

Sniped out of the air like a bird.

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Fasho they’re in


Rose would have lost last night if that would’ve been a 5 round fight. She needs to get her aggressiveness back if she hopes to be champ again.

Her striking is so much better than what she showed last night.


Big cop.

Stephen Thompson aka Robin aka Peter Parker wops everybody in UFC

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Day 1 theres nothing to talk about.