UFC 264 fight night watch party

Come kick in the benchmob disc and watch the fights tonight.

Here is the link!

Epic card. I’m out but will definitely be trying to catch some these where I can!

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Should be a great fight tonight. Hope it goes a few rounds lol I hate them quick fights

Yeah although they create the most epic moments, Conor/Also and Masvidal/Askren such absurd moments to watch, haha

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Prayers up to Conor McGregor. I think his fighting career is sadly over after that

jeez that was ugly. but i think i’d pay the ppv just to hear these dudes talk shit to each other.


What makes you say that? Broken bones are actually one of the better serious injuries in terms of long term prognosis. have to wait for an x-ray but it looked like a pretty clean break. Get that bone set, heal it up right and it will actually be stronger than before. You’d much, much rather have a clean leg break than rupture an Achilles or an ACL.

Even though I’m a slightly ashamed to admit it Conor fan, It’s awesome to see Dustin’s success. Impossible not to like him and be happy for him. Should be a hell of a title fight towards the end of the year with Charles.

I think it’s time for Connor to stop.

Even without that foot injury, he was getting smashed. Khabib really changed him forever.

He isn’t young Trala. This is gonna take 8-9 months for full recovery and then he has to stay in fighting condition in addition to age taking a toll on him.

I love McGregor. But part of me thinks that’s the last time we see him in the Octagon


He not old either tho. He 32

For a fighter he is. Not only that but he’ll be 33 once he fully heals from this. Not gonna be an easy road back for McGregor

Tbh there is a lot of older fighters out there. Just watched 37 year old Carlos condit fight last night

Silva fought until he was like 70. Jk but seriously. Some of these dudes fight for a long ass time

But tbh I think Conor takes some boxing matches

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Now THIS I can see happening

conors just overall competitiveness and passion, along with his ego won’t let him just quit. i think he’s gonna be back, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go. especially because he makes a shit ton of money from his fights (like he needs it tho tbh). i thinks it’s literally 50/50 on a 4th fight

but, much much much respect for dustin. from the shoutout to the kid in the crowd battling cancer, to hoping conor goes home to his family. the guy, until the end, kept it clean. there’s no doubt he hates conor, but he respects him. even tho we got only 1 round, it was worth the ppv lmao

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