UFC 247 link

Anyone watching? Any good link?

There’s a few streams on twitch right now

When is Bones fighting

Crackstreams always works for me I hear it’s best quality is on an iPhone

:eyes: :eyes::eyes:

Check this girl who’s fighting now

Yeah Valentina the truth beat that bitches ass

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Shevchenko is a monster, man. What technical expertise. That poor girl had nothing to threaten her with. Not every day that you get to see a crucifix finish.

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That Chinese girl at 115 is the same type of fighter. She’s legit

Yeah, I can’t wait to see her fight Joanna.

7.5" reach advantage is huge for Jones.

Cracked stream down for me

Yo son that Chinese Jaun real I saw Andrade b4 she’s legit n she got fucked up

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Can’t find a stream either. F.

Crack streams back boys they usually fall out for a minute during the main event but always come back… so far