UFC 246: Mcgregor vs. Cerrone🥊

Saturday January 18, 2020

The return of Connor McGregor


Mcgregor :muscle:t3:

McGregor wins

McGregor vs. Floyd 2

McGregor rides off into the sunset

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Predicting a Connor win but pulling for Cowboy


Same same

Clippers Pelicans and then Mcgregor - crazy night

Conor is a fu**ing psycho, love him.

Cowboy should take McGregor down and control on top
Cowboy win

I want Cowboy to win but he seems like he’s gonna stand and throw hands with Conner, that’ll end badly imo.

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Can we get a shout out for Cowboys outfit rn? Donald was dripping in the python jacket and rattlesnake band on his hat. It takes a lot to out dress Conner man


Facts :cowboy_hat_face:

Anyone can wear a suit

Cerrone looked like a BAMF

And the backwards cap like Griffey

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While we are on the topic, do any of you guys train?

I’ve taken a month trial BJJ at AKA in San Jose with Leandro Viera about 2 years ago… It was cool to train with Daniel Cromier, Josh Thompson and Todd Duffee

I don’t but it’s never too late! Def jits tho

You Brazilian? @osvaldo_rezende

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I used to do boxing and then a little grappling years ago when I bounced but I haven’t done that for like 7yrs now. I’d dead set die if I tryed now :joy::joy:

Yeah im brazilian, train Jiu Jitsu at gracie Barra
Ive started late though… 2 years of training, blue belt with no stripes, the professor is a Carlos Gracie Jr Black belt so the school is very good and old school. Always going over the basics


@JuanT who ya got?

I hope Cerrone knocks that over rated chump the fuck out

Lol guy is coming back after beeing roasted worldwide by Maywather (and not by a bit) … he is a clown picturing himself for money now , ridiculous

Obv McGregor opponent is skinny Chael Sonnen version

This shit will be over in the first round.

Cowboy by KO. Hope I’m wrong though I want to see a classic.