Type of players that give me fits!

  1. Yolo style players
    These kids really annoy me, zig zagging trying to find a open space for a fade-away 3 point shots, most of the time it goes in due to difficult shot badges, and then driving into a crowd, hoping to draw a foul…

  2. 5 outers
    This game is so broken that you don’t need any skills to win with 5outs, these 6 year olders will put T-mac, PD Greek Freak or 97 James at PG, To be honest, I learned from my losses, I don’t have any problems guarding it now, it’s just the dribble Gods that would give me the most trouble, these type of players rely on the blow by animation.

  3. Sim type
    These kind of players give me the most fits 1 out of 20 games you will run into these elites… Im not used to seeing people use sets to score, so this is where it catch me off-guard. These guys knows all the cheese plays that’s very hard to stop, Win or Lose, I will always show respect to these kats for spending end-less times in the practice mode learning the plays… Believe or not, I rather go against 5outs than these types…

Whats number 1 and 2 ? Lol

Tbh im aiming towards 5. I only know one playbook tho. So in series sets it gets tough if you have an opponent that can adjust. Players that know what to do in all situations are the most dangerous. When they know what to do that best exploits what the defense isngiving them. Basic basketball but some people know what settings to change when people play a certain way. Being able to adjust your gamestyle and play different styles is so valuable in this game.

  1. Sim

  2. 5out

  3. Yolo…

I dont know why it says 4 and 5… i cant edit.