Tyler Who?ro

I don’t mean any disrespect but Tyler Herro will never have a season when he is even close to a 99 overall. He will never be the best or even one of the best at his position. He is a decent player. I realize 2k and the NBA love the Heat but why not make it Butler? The two biggest things I wish 2k would change are 1) pack odds and 2) realism of the players ratings. If they want to clown I suppose they could develop a separate fantasy mode where Bol Bol, Thon and Herro are 99s. Of course I’ll still play the game, obviously just my opinion.

You never know, Season 6 might be Jimmy with the dreads

Tydebo thinks it might be a WNBA player

Yeah it probably will be Candace Parker or somebody, it would be funny if 2K trolled us with Jimmy running around with long dreads though :joy:

Myteam is the fantasy mode. If you want realistic player ratings you’re looking for play now.

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At least Candace Parker is an All-Star. The Heat have several players better than Herro. Is he a fan favorite? Why not an Alex Caruso, Jimmer Fredette, or an Adam Morrison, lol. I forgot about play now. I guess there are also league options to look into thanks.

This… is a fantasy mode. :skull:

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Its MyTeam in a video game? What do you expect from a fantasy mode.
Are we really complaining about a mode where Mike Bantom and Billy Knight are more OP than most players who have won MVP’s and several rings?

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