Tydebo vs Keithon Wager [Ty 2-1]

Clash of styles wager tonight. Tydebo and his deep hash vs Keithon and his peekaboo.


Would this be in 4 hours ?

3 hours and 10 min :slightly_smiling_face:

sounds boring


This gon be good

Ty in 2

$50? Park players out there wagering thousands :joy:

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Keithon currently up 6 in the 4th qtr of game 1

Edit: Keithon wins game 1

Damn Ty played himself spilling his tech all over YouTube :clown_face:

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Who won 1st game?


Damn, I’ve never seen Ty lose. I’ve never heard of this Keith guy before, he must be good.

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Ty coming back with a vengeance. Flooded!

Sheesh ty running In a circle too , new meta is ugly

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I noticed this running against somebody on here.

It’s like zig zag but worse.

Just run in a circle until you get the drive. Even with HoF Clamps, you’ll get some kind of blow-by animation eventually.

If they play the drive, take the 3.

I do a screens ye I do , but man , I don’t know this running in circles should be a auto clamp doenst even make sense to see

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Yeah, it’s too effective. Clamps means nothing against running in a circle that begins with a speedboost. Nothing you can do. And because you get sucked into dunk animations all the time, you can’t even block the drives.

Ye it’s like a freeze , it’s so stupid if someone’s from outside( that don’t know nothing about 2k)sees this would automatically think that the level of the player is below average ,
Look like kids running around with the ball ahah

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ISaac without wanting is telling that screens take more skill

Defense >>> Offense in myteam.

Always has and always will

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