Tydebo just beat YBC by 46 points

Tydebo a good thing for the YT community, all substance, no clickbait.


the diamond isaac,roco n cam gave him the edge. :joy: ? his cpu players move so fluid… he is a good player no doubt …no idea y 2k likes to punish ppl running all opals n pd… its like lottery…sometimes ur opals r godlike just they suppose to and sometimes they r worse than bronze…

U don’t really believe he beat him up cause he’s team was worse do u? I know u :billed_cap: ing

iT wAs tHe EqUaLiZeR



haha just joking hence the emoticons =) …he is def the more skillful one …i just wish 2k make it fair for rest of the players who play the game…it happen so many times already when one player cpu teammate just play like shit even with all the settings …

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Shit , Ty was running Ruby’s and ybc opals ?

tydebo vs earv gotti should be fun to watch

Ybc said there’s probably a token update coming after the game.

Ty loves that thon lol

He ran thon vs me lol.

another one ? so suddenly 2k goes on berserk mode for contents but still they r not fixing servers

Lmaoo bruh Ty is on a whole mother level then YBC bruh

Edit- nvm

Horrible defense. That YBC guy seems to fall on every pumpfake.


Ty is the :goat: lol YBC poor kid had no idea what he was getting himself into.