Two Huge Grinds End Simultaneously

I have just finished two of the biggest video game grinds I have ever done at exactly the same time. My last card for AD was Opal Kobe.

I am not sure how to feel, @jdealla said he felt empty, I feel a bit lost I think.

Anyway, the great sell back starts now. Does anyone have any tips? I don’t think I can be bothered doing anything other than 500 starting bid on every card and see what happens.

This is my current lineup:

It is full of reward cards. I have no idea how much mt I will have but I assume enough to go shopping.

Does anyone have any ideas who I should look to buy? Where the weaknesses in the lineup are?

Also any tips for shoes for:

PS: @raptorsbenchmob & @chriskh0 This crazy son of a bi*ch finally did it!


Congrats dude! I’d check prices on all moments players. They can be pretty rare. And heat checks. It’s a grind selling all that shit for sure man fuck

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That’s never a good idea…


Huge W, and must be so rewarding that Kobe was the final card for AD. That’s def the way to do it imo.

Congrats @Benand1 !

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Don’t list for 500 bid. Put on some Netflix or whatever and take the time to check prices unless you insist on missing out on a good chunk of MT.

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Congrats man. I have the Diamond Lillards on Hakeem. The Green Fear of Gods are good too.

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As for what to improve I’d get 2 new SF’s and either Magic or Wes to replace Arenas. Other than that your team is perfect.

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I feel like the sell back is gonna be such a grind, I recon I should get at least 1.5mil back even if I take a heavy loss. I am not greedy, contrary to the grind above I am lazy.


Just took the two into freestyle and Kobes jumper is so so.

AD’s literally cannot miss. Wow! Green.

kobes jumper grows on you. its bad until u use it alot. i would reccomend turning meter off if you havent

That might be the next step in getting better at the game. Meter I mean

congrats man!

Kobe’s release is really nice imo. you just gotta look at him bringing the ball up to its eventual peak, since the release point is just before it. I never used Kobe cards until the perfect one last year and I had the same issue a lot of people are having w/ this one.


depends on the player u use. specifically kobe base and lma base are wayyyy better meter off. i also turned meter off the day i got kobe and wow it changed things

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yeah i used that kobe last year and i think this one is a lot better

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but overall im impressed that this worked out so well with kobe and ad coming at the same time

for your shopping trip, if you’re cool w/ stupid cards pick up PD Unseld and Eddy Curry.

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When I got down to 10 cards and it was close I made it happen, bought the right amount on the auction house and then finished it. I didn’t even think about it until like 30 cards out.

The crazy thing is I only started collecting about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

On another note this Kobe is gonna make me play worse… All I want to do is shoot moving jumpers because it looks so good.

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yeah there is a large budget for both pgs and small forwards this year. if u want to save mt, wes unseld, ben wallace, jeff green are great options. obviously at pg the obvious magic and simmons, and at sf there is kd odom mpj

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I prefer players I like.

I want a Pippen but don’t wanna lock

u have the collector level one if u want to evo him

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