Two Bobby Jones up on XB1

Don’t know where they came from but just noticed. Have at them boys.

I wouldn’t overpay for that PG he’s probably the next drop. No way we don’t get a PG considering how many people been wanting him, too big of a money maker.

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2 Bobby’s up means most likely a PD PG soon. Somebody has some inside info. Maybe? I’m really hoping.

Inside info or not why wouldn’t you just sell him when he was going for 400k if there was no intention to get pg?

Yea I can’t believe he even stil exists unlocked. So maybe it’s 2k staff members or something?


I just got the GOAT Bobby after months of looking. Don’t even care if they release a PD PG13.

PD PG24 and diamond Danny Granger duo.

Bruh why waste 100k plus while pd pg is gonna go for that much when he releases :man_facepalming:t4:.

Someone help me. I’ve got 90k rn and have a lineup that I can definitely play w through SM until Friday. I’m hoping that we get a PG on that day. Are we all confident that he’ll come by the end of the week?

Nobody knows or can really guess that with any authority. PD PG isn’t even some sort of inevitability but I think we mostly would agree, at this point, it would not be a surprise at all.

Exactly, and from what I’m gathering most of these new PD’s aren’t exactly living up to the hype. I would rather run the Diamond which is universally confirmed to be a great card.