I love both these guys

Been rooting for these guys since day 1

It’s hard for me to choose a side,
But this fight is a win

I want Diaz vs McGregor 3 so I’ll go with Nate

Where my fight fans at?!


I was a Masvidal fan before I was a UFC fan


I fucking love the Diaz brothers man. Diaz all day. Lessssssgooooooooo


Close but I’m pulling for street Jesus. If this were nick vs masvidal then I’d root for nick.

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The Diaz bros are gold. Nate for the win and a double bird celebration


I fucking loved when he had that dude in a leg lock and was flipping the birds as he was submitting him hahahahahahaj

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Masvidal Leg kick to the dome KO on Nate would be just sick

I’ma call a Nate Diaz submission or Nate in a decision tho

You know I’m riding heavy on that CBD train, so it’s Diaz all day for me.

I respect and enjoy Masvidal — his backstory, hard work, effort and passion are unparalleled.

But I gotta go with the West Coast CBD King himself Nate Diaz.

Crazy timing… but I was just talking to two policeman downtown tonight about the distinct differences between CBD and THC after leaving the Magic game.

My buddy stepped outside the bar to smoke a cigarette, so I stepped outside to burn a fat CBD stuffed raw cone.

There were two policeman on the corner, maybe 10 feet away from me… so I pulled my J out and lit up right in front of them, giving them a mindful, respectful nod of the head while I sparked that thing.

Cops came a walking, and I started politely talking.

I quickly let them know if was fully legal CBD and was federally approved by the 2019 Farm Bill…

He said, “like the joints that Nate Diaz smokes??”

Yes Sir, officer… exactly like what you saw Nate Diaz smoke.

The talkative cop ended up standing beside me the entire time I burned down.

By the end of our conversation he gave me his phone number so I can meet up with his dad and talk to him about getting off prescription opioids and getting on a high quality CBD regiment.

Funny how life works at times… sometimes it’s all in the approach.

Not sure if Diaz wins tonight… but I’m pulling for him.


Great one man.

Before you read me my Miranda rights

Let you give you the Magna Carta Holy Grail

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I’m damn near what you would call a CBD renegade in my part of town.

I’m smart enough not to push the boundaries and limits with illegal Delta 9 THC greens where I live… that stays at the house, lol.

But I smoke CBD buds in public nearly everywhere I go and have zero fear when it comes to the legality of the laws that protect me in doing so on a federal, state and local level.

Somebody has to get the truth out the to the often times misinformed public… and I have no problems being that dude who is well versed in his freedoms.

I’m not an asshole about it and I stay respectful in the moment… but my don’t tread on me mindset stays firm and strong.

Rights are Rights… and they are given to us for a reason. Might as well make proper use of them.


Who the F is Christopher Columbus

The only Christopher I know is Wallace

I don’t even like Washingtons in my pocket


I like these fighters but this fake title is weak.

Baddest motherfucker is the dude with the REAL belt.


These fools will fight you any place anytime in front of your wife

I think they win the BMF title bro

Not every ring bearer is really with the shits

I’m not defending the belt

But they are the baddest

You know John Jones is tho

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Jorge Masvidal is the real BMF been street fighting with Kimbo slice in miami not no vegan nate diaz protected by his brother since day one, masvidal via ko/tko 4 round.

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Yeah because Kimbo was great in the octagon wasn’t he? :roll_eyes:

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Its for the The Baddest Motherfucker in the Game he was one of the first youtube videos I ever saw with his fight against much bigger Ray taking him out :shushing_face:

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My point is that street fighting stuff means nothing when it comes to the cage. Kimbo was a street fighting god, wrecking people left and right but in the cage he was mediocre at best. Masvidal is a bad bad man in the cage but that street fighting stuff is irrelevant.

I get youre point but he got more street cred then nate, the real streets.

Yeah but street creed again means zero in the octagon. Kimbo had heaps and he was trash.

Anyways fight will be entertaining as hell, neither is gonna half arse it or just work the mat.