Two Big men doing 1 on 1 in Ante Up is the cellar of this game

Just disgusting…couldn’t 2K have made a couple courts so you dont have to play big men every time?

2 big men?
Nothing easier to beat. However much they have cheesy builds, you just need one dribbler and scorer and one big man and you can easily win

Big men are slow and easily fall on the floor against few dribble moves however good they are

I mean 1 on 1 in Ante Up…they just do the release LT post spin against eachother one million times.

It’s hard to defend but very easy to attack, especially if they are post scorers with no defense at all

Im just saying it sucks because it would be fun to play some 1 on 1. Im sure it is possible to beat it, but you cant miss more than a shot or two because it is hard to get a defensive stop.

It can be hard but you can always as they spin, perfect timing, press steal and they will often loose the ball

Im also saying it is ridiculous to be waiting and watch them play against eachother…just garbage IMO.

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This is definitely true, but in every mode where you keep the ball of you score you have to be extremely careful with it and limit turnovers and heat checks

This is true looks like a hippo fight :joy:


The key is to not hold L2/LT the entire time, once you anticipate/read the beginning of the spin animation you let go of L2/LT immediately and then use LS to beat them to the spot and once they turn their hips (and you time it right and are still between ball and basket) you re-engage with L2/LT and (especially if you have the right defensive badges) you can cancel the animation and retain position. The same works for dropsteps but they’re a little harder because if they go right into the shot after the animation and you don’t jump it’s a GG. For me Post hooks and fades are harder to defend because it is totally against my instincts to sell out completely on defense so far away from the hoop.

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you can try pulling the chair

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Here’s the thing… the stealing mechanics of this game have a slim point as to where you can reach and get the steal, my buddy is the best onball defender I’ve ever played and he knows exactly when you need to hit the steal button, master that you’ll smoke any big


I have always played on ball D in MyTeam…the window is slim to non existent this year compared to last year haha. I guess it depends on badging…have been playing all MyTeam up until recently and obviously most guys have unpluckable gold in MyTeam.