Two best rubies in the game

Thurl Bailey and Mo Bamba. No conversation. I badged up Mo with some badges he needed, and I gave Thurl DRD. And I threw a diamond Jordan 3 shoe on him for ball control so now Thurl can speed boost when in takeover. Also with coach Thurl has 94 speed, and Bamba can get to 97 with shoe. I run Mo at PF because of strength, but if your opponent doesn’t post up then he can dominate at center. His wingspan and blocking ability is the best out of every pink diamond, diamond, and opal in the game I’m sure of it. It’s too cheesy. 97 speed + chase down artist LOL. Why are these cards 1k, these guys are amazing. Thurl gets at least 15-40 points every game, Mo gets double doubles and 2-5 blocks a game, just, amazing.


I would say just big men rubies

15-40 pts a game. Thats a big difference lol


I think he means - 15 - not trying to score , 40 - he is forcing a 100 point game

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Yeah, 15 is when not trying. 40 is a game when I’m trying to score

Thurl can play at the 2-3 :shushing_face:

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My team this year is a lulz fest. They have set a precedent , there is no turning back now

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Every time I play against guys that make EQ squads with cards like Thurl, Hedo, KP etc my God Squad eats them alive. I have waaaay more trouble against the Cwebb, Wilt, Worthy, JR type squads.

You right on Mo, but I think you mean Peterson

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I assumed Mo was just a traditional C but jesus christ 87 open 3. wtf 2k smoking

That’s cuz eq don’t exist

I was playing with my nuggets theme team messing around with lineup variations.

Tried Issel and he matched up against thurl. Thurl literally dominated him in every way. It’s crazy how good these rubies are. Haven’t tied bamba yet, but I’ve used his gold a lot and he’s a beast.

I got Thurl, Oden, Hakeem and Josh Smiyh nowhere to fit Mo.

Josh @ SF

Nah i love his ball handling too much he creates so many missmatches there, would be a waste at 3.

Mo can bang em in real life tho

havent watched much Orl games, for obvious reasons

Thurl @ SF

Played a couple of UL games with Mo and, in them, he was a beast rim protector and rebounder. Locked the paint down.

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Mo goated on defense