Twitch Prime Locker Code, 25K VC+ 5 Moments Packs


I tried to claim the packs on 2 Twitch accounts and it gave me the same locker code, so this might work for everyone

I entered the code in and quantity limit reached. smh what a joke company

It’s a different code than what I got. I tried it and it said I can’t redeem it because I already own it or something so sounds like you can only enter 1 Prime code per account

I got this same code on both my twitch accounts and first try its not working so idk. This is dumb lol

Think it’s one per system, I had a friend who don’t even play 2k but have twitch prime so was able to get code and it didn’t work on my account

I would like to get 1 that just works period lol

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Well, best pull was a saphire coach, rest were emeralds and saphire players.

I assume this code will not work if I don’t have twitch prime?

Each code can be used once, and only one code per account. If you find an unused one you can use it even if you dont have twitch prime

Ah okay, thanks for clearing it up.

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If the packs are moments, should I wait until after all star weekend to claim?

i think every previous one is in there

I used my code from my twitch and got the packs but no MT? Anyone else have this problem

You just get 5 packs and 25k VC

Tried to use my brothers loot code after mine but it seems there’s only one redemption per 2K account.

Ok…so I have amazon prime & twitch regular, I dont pay for twitch. To get the VC do I have to sign up for twitch prime $13/month that I would never use??

There’s a free trial apparently

Oh lmao how did I not notice that​:joy::joy:

Twitch prime is included with amazon prime.

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So the code didn’t work?