Twin Peaks S3

Any Twin Peaks fans here? I finally watched the original series about a year ago, and I’m just now getting around to season 3.

I love Season 3 so far (8 eps in). Episode 8 “Got a light” is the most insane episode of television I’ve ever seen. Like if the last 10 mins of 2001: A Space Odyssey was an hour TV episode.

I’ve seen everything Twin Peaks that’s been released. I saw the original 2 seasons just under 2 years ago or so and loved it. Rolled right into the 3rd which is some excellent television. Enjoy the rest.

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If season 3 is great all the way through, I think this show ends up in my top 5 fav dramas of all time.

It was always gonna be a difficult show to wrap up neatly in any way but Lynch did a fine job of closing it out. I left satisfied.

Yeah, I’m not someone who needs a show wrapped up neatly in a bow (I actually disliked the BB finale because I thought it was too neatly wrapped up). Just something satisfying is fine with me. I’m one of the few people who rides hard for the LOST series finale. I liked it (though S6 as a whole was garbage).

As long as Lynch has a good Lynchian ending, I’ll be happy.

David Lynch :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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U liked The Leftovers?
Thats my fav tv series.

I couldn’t finish the leftovers. I know it’s Lindelof, and I’m a fan, and have heard interviews and shit. I know what the show is going for. But none of the actors/characters grabbed me enough to hook me.

I was watching with my GF and she just got too bored (she loves twins peaks though).

I think I’ll get around to watching the leftovers by myself one day. It seems like one of those shows I’ll love once I finish it.

Edit: I’m half finished with a few HBO classics that I haven’t gotten around to finishing. Deadwood and six feet under are on that list. As a TV nerd, I feel embarrassed having not finished those yet.

I know, its not for everyone… but for me its a masterpiece.
Other new mindfuck series that I recommend is the Maniac from Netflix.

Yeah started manic with the GF. Enjoyed it at first, but once we figured out the premise, I kinda lost interest. Started to feel like an excuse for boring short stories.

Edit: re-leftovers, yeah I know some consider it a masterpiece. It’s super up my alley, I love big picture stuff that makes you think about tough questions. I will def finish it one day.