Turning off shot meter

Do you get a bigger bonus If you turn off both the % and meter (by feet /hand)? Also is there is a shot meter where it is all black lol?

You make more shots, miss more free throws… I’ve taken bad shots with the meter off and they go in like it is 2k19

When you sat meter off …this means absolute reliance of your knowledge of the animations?

Yeah but on layups and stuff it’s broken right now so as long as you’re in position it goes in, muscle memory basically also helps

Definately hit more greens with meter off but you really gotta know the shot

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Yeah, you get a like a 5-8% boost by turning off the meter (every jumpshot base gets a different % boost).

It’s def worth it. It’s better to play no meter even without a boost.


I like having the meter off. Makes u focus on the apex of the shot release instead of the meter. But damn i cant make a free throw to save my life.


Im hitting jumpers but lay ups are brutal.

Yeah way easier to commit if you play more mycarrer/park/rec. Just have to learn a couple layup packages, and it’s fine.

But with 10 dudes on MyTeam squads, layups are a pain.

I don’t know why the option to leave it on during free throws was removed. It used to be the option I used in previous 2k’s :cry:

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