Turbo killed this game

Nothing more to say.

i was playing TTO last days, and i tried to make some layups and is a myth.
always i got a block, no matter how far are the defenders.

ok, tap turbo and make a dunk.

also i see, some opponents, take Turbo from their own basket, to my basket to get a dunk.
Always turbo.
OK, SAD and … why???

final statement.
some people, i think 8 from 10 opponents, pick the turbo to run right to left about half court line, to get minimal space to take a 3pt.
Like real life, who reminds lebron doing this? or Kareem? or Wiseman?
there is no penalty (stamina, concentration) in this game by take a 3pt after a sprint run, a 5 seconds of Turbo pressed…

but WHY?

Instead, you have a nice penalty if you take a close shot with your center, if kareem is sleeping or someone is rounding near and your attribute of FEAR gains about 50+ to brick a easy layup (opponent`s GAZE with shoes must be over 100+)

Cap turbo to first steps, then normal speed of the card (speed with ball)
Drain a lot of momentary stamina of the player who uses turbo
Drain a lot of shoot accuracy from shoots, based on distance from basket (more distance more difficult to get the basket)
Increase a bonus to the defender (contested shot) if the shooter comes from Turbo


I spam turbo when someone is playing offball on me
If you play offball then you have to expect your opponent to use turbo
If you dont then I dont know what to say

i never play offball, neither unlimited neither TTO

When someone onballs me then I just play isolation it’s the most fun for me
I hate when i have to turbo the offballers but i guess in this broken game this is the meta
On defense you have to try baiting this kind of opponents
It’s the only way you can stop turbo

You can’t win TTO without some form of offball. The CPU help defense is so dumb. You need to switch off

The game was fine first few weeks. The younger generation casuals spammed twitter to make the game the joke it is now and apparently that’s all 2k cares about. Forget realism, forget making sense. So long as there’s enough users to grab mommy’s credit card and buy packs.

So yes, meta is turbo to the rim and when that fails run around until your open and chuck 3’s.


Put offball preassure on tight, they dont help


I don’t usually play TTO, but the last 3 days, I did and always cleared all panels.
with a win record of close to 9 out of 10 games

I never played offball.

Yes, I know that the scores were roughly 21-16, 21-19 or so, with both teams likely to win.
just 1 in 10 games was an easy win. No problem, I enjoy the game, not the result.

But I remember when I started playing online and offball, that wasn’t fun for me, very boring.

I have to say that had 2 of the 10 games that my opponent played without turbo, doing screens, doing post movements, trying to get open shots with ball movement, and those games were wonderful

now im back on Unlimited and this usually is a “turbo” pain…

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The mindset is to just get the W, no matter what it takes. I bet a lot of people would outsource everything to the CPU and just spectate if that got them the win.

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sure that when i play, i try to win.
but i know that win isn’t my job, i mean, is not my goal

my goal is to have a nice moment, enjoying every minute that i spend on this game.

i can talk about games that i lost in the last shot and i enjoyed more than others that i won having a bad gaming experience. (you know, turbo, peekaboo, spamming lanes, kareem 3pt after behind the back…)

this is only one of my hobbies.
specifically, i love basketball more than videogames.
i play nba 2k20 because is “basketball game” not by the videogame itself

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Yeah it’s cheesy as hell but As soon as you penetrate your opponents offense and lock em up (there are only PnR &3 + RimRunner‘s) they going to quit instantly. That’s always funny as hell. But It’s always about the 2-3 games in MTU that you’ve to play against the algo and equalizer. That’s what’s makes us raging imo :smile:

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