TTROLL (troll tto lineups)

What are some TROLL TTO lineups you guys USE? I just picked up Bill Walton. He’s a very unique card. Point Forward is very fun. I’ve been running

D D Rob foams
Bill Walton Jordan 31 white w steal
Any Center

It’s pretty damn fun out here. Billy dub flashy pass too much fun


Walton is a great card, shame he didn’t have a HoF Dimer, but still his passing ability for a big man are unique.


Yo Nate is dope I used him and knew I would see some of y’all w him here and there. Love to see Nate


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The first play with friends vs my friend I used emerald Morris Pete and shocked the world. Never forget. Good times

I suck with Morris now tho idk why… needa give him more run tho

russell porzingis giannis

I used BOL and he got destroyed every game for like 4 games… idkkkk

I said TROLL lineups BRO

You have to utilise him correctly. Use pick and rolls,cuts,pick and pop,using advantages over players under 7ft. Hook shots are pretty effective

Boring. No cap haha but yep I feel u. Gotta utilize. I’m just tryna run

I feel like Blake Griffen is a typical must utilize player. Fuck Blake

Black Jordan shoe & D’Antoni gives Nasty Nate…
92 open 3
77 strength
89 ball control
97 steal
89 speed
92 speed w ball
99 lat quickness
98 on ball steal tendency

Best kept secret in 2k19

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Yoo this is what I needs. Love putting d shoes on lower tiers. Collecting/upgrading lower tier or any quality cards w optimal expensive shoes during market crashes is the best. Of course we spend to much on shoes as well as this method but yeah I’m ocd love having my cards badged n kicked :joy:

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Well yeah,but that’s what bigs,who are not fast do,they really don’t have an option. Especially with this shot contest update

I’ll give him another try soon. Bolllll. I badged and hook him up w contracts and I fucks w his other cards. Just wasn’t flowing

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bill russell is who i meant if you though i meant dlo or westbrook

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Fooking troll. Nice