TTOnline reward Fred Brown

This card is a smooth customer, pretty much a Kyrie clone. Was planning on picking up Luka but don’t know if i need to anymore. Anyone try him yet?

I just got Fred, and he was one of my absolute favorite cards from last year. Yes he’s small but I particularly like his jumper and his handles are top notch.

I’m debating which grinches to put on him… dunking vs defense. I use D’Antoni:


Driving Dunk: 75 > 80
Speed: 98 > 99
Speed with Ball: 94 > 99
Ball Handle: 94 > 99
Acceleration: 94 > 99


Perimeter: 92 > 97
Interior: 65 > 70
Lateral Quickness: 95 > 99
Steal: 89 > 94
Block: 52 > 57

Leaning toward dunking because two of the stats on defense are pointless and his defense is already decent. Thoughts?

4 boards with him, not yet in my collection :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
I would choose the dunking ones even tho I wouldn’t use that expensive shoes in that reward card in particularly

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He’s a card I really like and will be using him a lot especially in TT Offline grinding. Sometimes I have times where I sell off my entire squad of auctionable cards and stockpile MT, and I like to have some form of a competitive squad of reward cards I can lean on until I splurge on auctionables again. Fred is definitely a viable PG right now. Still really want Ohl though. Hopefully Fred can get me to him :laughing:

I think you would rather like to use those shoes in Ohl if you get him (he’s more obtainable than Terry I think) and he is better than Fred Brown in my opinion.
I would also really like to try both ;p