TTOnline Matchups

Have you guys been getting a lot of games against obvious newbies? I just did a 10-0 run and did not see another opal. Last night I did another board and it was mostly super budget teams minus two or 3
games. I saw emerald starter cards twice. I almost felt bad a couple games. Almost. I’m not running lower tier cards either, did the run with KD,MJ, and J Wall. About to fire it up again and see if it was a fluke. This is on the Box.

I’ve been seeing a lot of random garbage on PC, too.

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i assume due to the dwindling player base thats all thats available now

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Fair point. Crazy we get that dumb Giannis now and at this time last year they released anniversary series 2 and 97 LBJ and Pippen were the two highest rated cards.

Was there a game sale or VC sale recently? I just got 2k for 30 bucks last weekend. Idk if that’s a sale or just the standard price at gamestop this time of year.

i heard the game is free at the moment?

They added it to Xbox Game Pass which is 9.99 a month and you can play whatever they have in the library that month.

There ya go

I wish I could get some noobs in MTU. I’m on a losing streak right now that I haven’t had in quite a while. For some reason as soon as I went from 1 opal to 3 opals I can’t win shit.

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