TtOffline vault token bonus not working

I have opened the vault two times between the bonus times, and i didn’t get my token rewards. Anybody has the same issue?

the first bonus time of the day starts in 20 mins

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Oh, it says 2-4 pm in the screen and it is 2:45 here. Will try in 20 mimutes, thanks.

hmm weird… in most parts of europe they switched back to standart winter time yesterday… for me it says is starts 1pm thats in 10 min

Nevermind, it’s a scam anyway. Before the event, i have opened the vault once in a 2-3 wins for injury cards. Now in 7 games, i can only opened it once…

yeah, this. Vault almost never opens when there’s a bonus for opening it.

Tired of gold consumables as well

I’ve gotten gold consumables the last 20 times the vault has opened for me. Ever since they chsnged the prizes I’ve seen absolutely nothing but the same thing. How can it be 6 prizes and I get the worst one 20 for 20


same. I’m 150 wins, and I’ve opened the vault maybe 20-25 times. Got 10 tokens once, lowest MT, or gold consumables the rest

got 33 tokens during these 2 hours. Waiting for the next… Vault opened as usual every 2-3 times. Got 15 tokens once