TToffline today

0-5 today, at 250 wins. The cpu is out of control today, craziest animations and algos. Anyone else


Lost a couple today. Both games the cpu was 5-5 from 3.

Bruh just put Ur dude on the left or right side. Call pass and screen away. Make sure u got a shooter in the corner. Pass the ball to the shooter. Make the shot rinse and repeat. They like never actually contest. I haven’t played today but it’s been like that for months.

Yeah them fucks don’t miss if open lol

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Lots of yellow contests too. Really annoying. Some of their layup makes are out of control too.

End of the day you only need like 1 or 2 stops tho.its pretty easy to score at will on those comps

I am. Brick city today. Also getting crazy matchups. I’ll run 2 sapphires and a ruby, and matchup up with 2 diamonds and an amy.

Looks like the match making might have been changed

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Guy not even close, yellow contest. Super annoying

Yeah it usually doesn’t matter. Just bomb with Eric Gordon and it’s fine. When they shoot as well or better than me from 3, it gets a little dicey

Was able to win 8 games today (lost 4). Vault opened 0 out of 8 times. Has anyone actually managed to open the vault today? This is easily the longest losing streak I’ve had on openings.

Play with 1 player that you do challenges with and 2x bronze PG/SG or SF. Low tier CPU cards won’t make lots of 3s. You can leave them wide open.

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Vault open as same rate for me as usual but I noticed a change in rewards. I had never so many 1 token rewards as today not even close.

Has anyone actually got muresean?

I don’t think he exists. Would it surprise anyone that on a cash grab weekend, developers forgot to add a free reward?

Vault has not opened often today. I’m over 250 and I’ve only got 500mt, or 1 token, with the exception of 4 clutch packs, all with sapphire Robert Horry

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They forgot to add Harden might as well forget about Muresan.

At 1.25 difficulty on PC, just went 0-6 on 3-pointers using players with 90+ 3-ball. I’ve put in many hours and consider myself to be a pretty decent shooter. However, I can no longer green a 3, and if it ain’t green, you best believe it ain’t going in on based on whatever cheese stealth changes 2k made! Thanks 2k, you da best!

I just want to add, 2k is obviously tweaking the difficulty higher. AND STILL, they haven’t taken the time to fix the badges so they actually work in TTOffline. Shows you where there priorities lie. I’d like to say some other stuff but would probably get banned.

I’m at 500+ wins.

Only 1 diamond consumable in that time. But I did manage to get the other players in the vault. But not until my 400th win.

My pd curry seemed to miss more shots than normal which was abit suss.

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2K feels so much like a sleazy mobile game this year. Shady as hell rewards that offer a false carrot of hope all while giving out the bare minimum to the players. Every last feature in the game is diabolically and thoughtfully designed to extract every last penny from its supporters.

I’m only ever getting 500MT every single time!!! No tokens at all nor reward players!!!