TTOffline fastest win competition

Hey, it looks like, theres nothing much to do in ending 2K22. Im curious, how fast can you win ttoffline game. Time counts from loading screen, till the win. Post your time and lineup. Its just for fun competition :slight_smile:

My actual record is: 3:25
Lineup: Jay Williams (saphire Zero Gravity with 16 HOF badges), Giannis (gold Zero Gravity), Shaq (gold Zero Gravity)

Had better times for sure, but didnt use a stopwatch.

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How many wins are you? The difficulty does change after 100 games Iā€™m pretty sure it is.

Im close to 800.

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Myteam anniversary luka, gold detlef schrempf, gold mason plumlee

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Im on current gen, cant shoot with Luka constantly.

was bored and did this again so new record even tho nobody cares.

mystic luka gold mason plumlee sapphire kareem.



Glad you keep posting this. I have to remember to time myself next time I play TT. It sounds like a fun challenge.