Ttoff not working good on xbone

Played 3 games, each started okay but once I won 2 took 5 minutes to load, third gave me an error and didn’t count. So if you’re looking to grind ttoff don’t do it on xbone


Same, I just got an error code. I’ll update after this next 1.

Jusy finished a spotlight challenge, error code.i completed the challenge but it didn’t count

Same here

same on ps4, error code after a MTU game, i was 9-0 with an emerald/gold team, i love this game :slight_smile:

Back to back error codes, any evo stats during those games don’t count as well. This company is at an all time level of incompetence.


Yup, b2b errors here too.
Yo 2k fix your game!!


Wow… just completed domination game and had 80 pts with T. ROSS for the evo card… then ERROR… THIS GAME IS CRAZY… wasting so much time I cant get back

Nice profile pic dawg

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But don’t worry guys… The contracts still count!


Still error codes?


An hour ago I finished a game with IT scoring 176 points… error code. 2k makes me rage sometimes.

How the hell did u do that?


Rookie dom, pump fake and then shoot 3s, rinse and repeat. Just have to full court press and let cpu score quickly. Scored 190 points with Terrence Ross to evo him before with this method. Boring af though.

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I score 341 points with Terrence Ross in a rookie dom game.

I don’t even know how’s thats possible :joy: 70 is a great game to me. I find the computer to play to slow to score that much


Did you foul after every play?

Yea and Terrance greens everything making it easy

Exactly what @2kballNow said. Rookie Dom against the Mavs specifically. It is boring, but quicker than playing Dom games for real.

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