TTO tip (that you probably already know)

This might be really common knowledge, but I only just found out so thought I’d share in case there are others like me.

Once the final bucket is scored, as soon as you’ve heard the buzzer you can pause the game and quit. It won’t count as a quit, you’ll still get the normal W or L. But you don’t have to sit through the painful MT counter. I think it also stops the player stats from saving but it’s such a good time saver.

Edit: just to add what @jfuertez said in the main post. If you pause and don’t see the countdown pause timer you’re in the clear to quit.


good looking out man :innocent:

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I’d add that you jsut have to make sure there’s no more countdown timer and you’re in the clear


When you add all those 30 seconds then I could’ve played atleast 100 more games

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