TTO - the worst mode in myteam

TTO - the worst mode in myteam

What is this shit?

I thought last year it was bad, but somehow it’s gotten worse. I think it’s the least enjoyment I’ve had playing this game in years, and I’ve played 700+ games of TTOff.

Everyone I’ve played is basically running the same guys, no matter what lineup I throw together. Then all they do is zig zag around until they can ping a 3 or get a dunk, then flash pause like they’ve done something special.

Defense is not a thing at all either. You’re dudes get stuck sliding around the court the entire time. Every game is pretty much just taking turns shooting until one of you eventually dies.

I’ll admit the ball drop is better than that bullshit vault, but everything else is just rotten.

TTO grinders, how you doing this without necking yourselves? Any tips to make me change my mind?


Play MTU triple threat is aids


Agreed on all counts. It’s horrible. If it wasn’t for the good reward vs time spent ratio I wouldn’t bother at all


The way you slide reminds me of a college I played ball at once. They used some weird polish and you slid everywhere.

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Literally the only reason I’m killing myself in this mode


It reminds me of NHL 20, but with far less control

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I have enjoyed mtu a lot more this year. I’ve been very surprised by some of the really fun matchups I’ve had

Ever play at Narrabundah college? We had to pour water on the floor and run our shoes on it just to get grip, sweat didn’t cut it. Our coach literally had a pool of water infront of him

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Haha nah but there used to be a sneaky indoor court at belco that was exactly like that too. It was like there was sand on the court!

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It was so bad man. It’s like they used a high gloss epoxy and then buffed the fuck out of it.

Imagine playing on wet bathroom tiles, that’s what it was like.


You forgot to mention the BtB cheese 4 ft behind the three point line with (insert latest cheese card).

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Damn I’ve been out here grinding TTO and it ain’t that bad.


Every time i see Tmac, Bird, or Arenas I know what’s gonna happen same shit everytime


I rather play TTO because its fun, dumb and short than i’d play MTU that suppose to be fun and strategic, but there’s as little strategy as in TTO like good god that mode dumbed down so much i can’t.

TTO is nasty bad

This will be my last year playing 2k
I’ve played myteam for 5 years and I’ve finally beat it
with my mind

Its played its course and for me
I hope to find better things to do
with my time

Too much is predetermined
The community is harsh and this game is not
worth the grind


Now everyone just spams the explosive behind the back, it’s so annoying!

ehh i like TTO more than Dom mainly because its nothing but fast games.

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Don’t even touch this mode as my amy/ruby lineup would get killed anyway.

I don’t see much appeal to MTU. I like getting rewarded and the only card that was worth my while is Baron. I get much more from playing TTO. The rewards besides monthly players (and even those are a joke for the most part) are trash in comparison to TTO rewards.

Obviously each to their own and I could not care less about people using BTB in TTO as I win about 85% games while not being ofball clown.

True… going 12-0 should give you like 60 tokens + packs + the players to match with TTO rewards

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