TTO teams

What you running be it online or offline? Got Ruby Wade/Gay/McAdoo myself.

Offline I’ll definitely run Stack and McAdoo; just to evolve these two.


can get free throw for Bob there.

Bird, whichever dom evo, ray allen

Wondering if it’s possible to get matched up with someone in unlimited that also have to get free throws for mcadoo, and we just foul each other for 2 hours?


I got TMac, Ruby Eddie and soon either another good shooter or a good big to run

Giannis / Ray Allen / Big

Too bad you can get kicked for fouls, wait could you do 3 sec in the paint or is that a tech and you’d lose players?

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Oh now you mention tech I think I just find a way to do this. It won’t count as a foul if you pull a Webber with no timeouts remaining. Just make sure mcadoo has the highest FT rating so he will be the one to take the FT.

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You can choose who to shoot ft on in game menu, just like subbing in game he will be Y(triangle) if he’s pf. Better do it fast or you’ll lose the option tho


You can get kicked without the opp saying to quit ?? Because yeah this seems like it could be worth.

I was thinking tto you could just trade buckets all game could be faster unless there is a time limit?

We’re talking about unlimited to get FT’s but in triple threat you could go back and forth forever theoretically, like boosting in CoD

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IT wade, bill russel.

Bill Russell is a beast on this game.


Oh right i though it was a good idea for the fts and the points