TTO team

For sure I will use Deron or Pete ,
A good wing and a C ? I’m lost , who are the good bigs now ?


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I’ve been using Deron, pg, and zingis.

I kinda want that Bron tho just never pulled the trigger.

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Pg is expensive ?

Cheaper right now than what I paid. I bought for 100k when he dropped but I think now he’s less than 80

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Oh sounds nice

I use Kyle Lowry, Allan Houston and Karl Malone.

Been rocking Dr J, PG with HoF flexible (wet), and Draymond. Great all around squad. All viable shooters, slasher and defenders.

Paul George is your big?

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Yeah, he holds up well. If he didn’t splash so well from deep, he could probably get posted up by traditional bigs. Nobody does that and it’s a shame.

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I ve Deron and 80k I need to guys to play along

Id run diaw and kat.

Kat is great for tto imo. Add a speed shoe to him and you’re good to go

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Ye I think I will go with those guys

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