TTO Sweats

Ayo im looking for tips on how to stop speed boosters. Never seen so many ppl speed boosting before today.

cannot beat them? join them.

game will be dead in a few weeks. Enjoy speed glitch while it lasts.

Cannot wait for 2K22.

been doing that since i stop playing mycareer but the problem be when my opp hits full whites and goes 7/8 from three

Speedboosting is a glitch? Can’t every card speed boost at this point lol

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Still a glitch

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yeah there isn’t a whole lot you can do. just try to switch off of the on ball defender if they get past you so you won’t give up an open three (which will go in 80% of the time). ik that isnt always easy to do because of how bad the defensive ai is in this game, so try not to get too frustrated ig.

tto is fcked. who ever miss 1st normally loses

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It’s tough guarding up sometimes… a mixture of on and off ball defense, baiting passes and just guessing which way their going. The ai defense can’t compute sometimes and just likes to help and leave ppl in corners when you clearly have it on “no help”. Buy yea it have been tough in the TTO streets lately, straight sweat fest :hot_face::sweat_drops::sweat_drops: and I’m usually the one going 10-0, 9 - 1

Blitz , bumps
Isn’t that difficult majority of them just do the same dribble move over and over


Bingo. Most people are incredibly predictable. Just guard the side that they boost towards. When they do, they’re only going to find you standing right there.

If they are smart enough (few are) to take the open side you’re giving them, they don’t get the boost and it’s much easier to switch off and help or bait the pass.

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Get you a Kawhi or Grant Hill. Then you throw in any combination of Bol/Tacko/Yao/Wiseman and it’s a wrap lol

u can stop their speed boost by using contact, like bodying them on the perimiter. If ur player makes contact with them mid speed boost, their speed bost is cancelled

What is it and how do you do it?