TTO - Sweatfest 2K21

Am I the only one who is really struggling on TTO atm? Everyone I am playing is like a master at greening shots, with their Level 40 Kawhis and bloody Dentist.

FML. :joy::joy::joy::rofl:


Same I was playing super good in tto until season 5 idk what happened

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I feel like I’ve suddenly become the shittest player in Europe fgs. Or all the demigods are playing on the European servers :joy::sob:

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All this for Evan Fournier lol

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EXACTLY. Hopefully once all the try hards have got the cards they’ll piss off and I can play TTO in peace without having to keep a towel nearby for the sweat.

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It’s like that here on the east coast us servers too man. Didn’t see either player on my first board either.

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You’re lucky mate, you got up to the high end of the boards :sob: I HAVEN’T EVEN GOT ONTO TIER 2, I suck against try hards Ffs.

Its looks easy like always dor me , but I don’t know why I’m playing this . Cards are ass , and this isn’t rewarding now
2k never do something good lol

I’m matching up against Lillard, Kawhi, and Dentist using opal AD, ruby Felipe, and diamond Wade

I’m running Kawhi, Dino and Adrian Dantley and every 3 or 4 games I get matched against someone running old crappy cards Amethyst or below. I been giving them the dubs if it’s clearly a kid or someone new to the mode.

Tto is so bad this year… its not basketball, just a cheesefest.


In all seriousness, has anyone got any tips or anything to help me try and get a few more wins in TTO?

Cos either I’m coming up against demigods, or I’m just shite atm. :joy:

Could always try running lower cards it works sometimes. Like 2 amys and a ruby.

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I was considering that tbf. Ive been running PD Simmons, Kiki and Cowens. And I just keep coming up against Kawhi, Dischinger & some other bloody incredible card… :joy::credit_card:

Dino is a must for me in tto. He seems to bring down the quality of opponents and he usually leads me in scoring.

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Also Simmons is great in 5v5 but in tto you want 3 shooters, I’d change him out for someone else


I’ll deffo look into Dino and change Simmons out. Thanks man, appreciate the advice :pray:

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Isnt that TLC card a free challenge where you just win a game and then the Sekou is like 5k, or am I missing something?

Is Dino way better than MPJ? That MPJ is a monster for me

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