TTO Ridiculously Fun Lineup Suggestions

I just played a couple TTO matches with Muggsy in there and it was extremely fun to see this 5 foot nothing dude crush the souls of people. Any other guys that would be “absurd” or fun to have in there?

Bouges, Spud Webb and Earl Boykins. How long would it take to win with that team?

I’ve seen bol, bradley, boban before lol

Nah just use it Calvin Murphy and stockton to give yourself a chance

GO Arenas
GO Shaq
Any bronze card

Very confusing to come up against this lol

I also will run 3 rare or unpopular opals, like:

GO Ginobili
GO Scalabrine
GO Embiid


GO Richmond
GO McHale
GO Luka Doncic

For pure Gameplay fun, I like:

GO Drexler
GO Bill Russell
GO McHale

Really fun dribbling bigs team

Also, running Isaac Bonga is crazy fun. He is a truly godlike dribbler.

You can also run a godly diamonds squad like:


Tyson Chandler

Those teams can beat full opal squads regularly

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Mpj, mo pete, amy bageley can get dubs in a hurry

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Godly Amy Squad:


Wes Matthews

Wes matthews confuses so many people, usually I’d get 2 limitless threes then they actually play defense


He’s straight juiced

Great for theme teams

Fun facts; number of HOF limitless range cards

2K17: 15 cards
2K18: 76 cards
2K19: 120 cards

Have fun with 2K20



Tell me why yao plays the fastest out of all them

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It’s the same thing with HoF Defensive Stopper (or should I say “Clamps”)

2k19 - 188 cards
2k18 - 116 cards
2k17 - 30 cards

Everyone can play defense now apparently

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How can you look up players w hof badges on 2kmtc? I see a way to sort badges but not hof

Click on the badges 4 times if youre on a computer

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After in incredible amount of pent-up rage from playing nonstop KD and Yao lineups, I came up with this:

  1. Kareem
  2. Garnett
  3. Hakeem

All with orange CP3’s. Dan Tony for the +5 speed and +5 open 3 boosts. All I do are handoff alley-oops. So many rage quits


If you’re gonna run Hakeem might as well get Yao involved

I swear 1/4 of the teams I play in TTO have Yao and KD

I do a lot of cancelled backdoor cut alley oops when people piss me off

How are you doing your hand off oops?

Wes Matthews and Batum shock a lock of people when I run my blazer logo squad. People see my bench lineup of opal CJ, Wes, Batum, Walton and Oden and think they’ve got an easy time ahead, oh how wrong they are! Torch people with that lineup.

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LOL might as well

said in defeat as a tear streams down