TTO rewards nerfed again?

30+ games havent seen a single diamond pack.


I had one, was like 13 games ago

But I had plenty of tokens drop

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Yah a lot of tokens, but like no diamond packs, got some AI packs tho.

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I has diamond pick and 5 token on 5 ball drop last nights. So nah

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They’re definitely worse. I haven’t seen a pack in 12 games. I love seen 1 diamond pack on a 3 ball board.

This was yesterday

The best shit is in that 3 ball drop area. If you get nothing in those, might as well start over.

Ya I didn’t get anything yesterday. Made a post of my board of bronze packs and MT from going undefeated.

I played the last three boards just now and had 1x trash only, 1x 1 black pack and on the last board was a diamond pack. So that was alright

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Lit :fire:


i got a board with 3 league packs yesterday

I’ve hit for a diamond shoe about every week so far. Tokens is where it’s at tbh. 3,5,10 about every time I’ve played TTO. There are more trash boards than good boards though. I had a board recently that was ALL MT slots lol

I prefer those to bronze packs because I don’t have to open the packs and deal with the contents.

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I agree except you have no clue what you’re hitting on the mt slots. Could be 100. Could be 1000. I’d rather take a cheap badge worth 250-300 or bronze contract over 100 mt drop

I’ve gotten over 300 one time in I don’t know how many MT slots.

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Just now…ridiculous.

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I’ve had one board with 5 balls that was worth a damn. Like most people have said, the less balls you have to drop on the board the more rewarding the prize board. You’re better off losing on the top 3 spots

This guy is trying to use the TTO timer glitch against me right now. First game after that horseshit undefeated board.

Why am I even playing this? Thanks 2K for the worthless rewards and allowing for guys like this to be able to exploit glitches.

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I give up.

This is my typical 5 ball boards as well

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