TTO rant

I legitimately wish nothing but all the worst to anyone who designed TTO sliders, defensive settings and this unbearable equalizer.
Both in professional and personal life.

That is all.

Every other game someone just leaves the game on pause after going down like 10-0 and I just do stuff around the house. It’s ridiculous how badly these kids want to give me an L, they end up staying for atleast 15 mins, they are really persistent

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It’s not even worth it to be that salty to waste each other’s time on a “casual” game mode. Kids these days.

I’m not salty, I just rather them wait while I do shit around the house, if I’m done and they still there I just quit :joy:

The funniest thing is when they keep talking on the mic and saying “I got all day bro” thinking I’m there

Why do people quit when you won? I mean after my last bucket they quit right away. does it count as a loss to them? why?

Last match i got burned bei GO Wilt, Worthy and Giannis and the guy paused the game if he hits the last bucket and start to blame me…

He was offballing and all time screen 3pt cheese… just a funny game…

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They don’t want to give u MT for win…Petty people lol

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Lol that’s it?

I had to pause the game after the wining bucket …after a sore loser paused before. I start changing options to trigger the sound to annoy the hell out of the other person. Mics and msgs definitely off :joy:

I mean them being so salty about it

It really is annoying the defensive settings though…

I’m perfectly covering my man and he’s just putting his head down towards the rim, but I have it all under control, but my teammate just has to come and help leaving his mane wide open for a 3.

But then again, I take advantage and do that all the time myself lol


Not to flex, but I don’t recall losing to anyone on triple threat that had lower tier players than me. And I have played 100’s of games. If I lose it is to someone with comparable or better players. Not really sure about the equalizer. It probably has to do with me always using good to great defenders. I don’t really allow them to get good shots off.

Decided to give it another go today.

I grinded 600+ tokens for Worthy during January, basically played TTO only, so I know every possible trick in TTO.
I’ve probably lost one game per 3 boards back then, without any cheesing, offballing or using something like 3 bigs.

Right now it’s unplayable. It’s not even some OP cards or anything, it’s just equalizer making the game unplayable.
And no, it’s not me because I know my cards and what should go in and what shouldn’t.

If I can’t score 3 lightly contested post moves with my Oden and then some damn Pistol Pete (yes I hate that card) makes 4 heavily contested layups, why even bother playing.
Even tried using Pop, but the defense is worse than ever. You basically have to go for 3s.

1 pd, 1 diamond, 1 amy or 2 diamonds always work for me, never felt it too hard.
I use Kirilenko instead of Worthy.

You gotta mix in offball to cure the retardation in TTO sometimes.

And Idk how many time I’ve gotten messages for “off balling” because I’ll switch on pick and rolls lol.

The best ones are the “you’re off balling trash” for whenever I force a bump on ball and switch retarded CPU players to keep them from sticking a finger up their own ass.

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