TTO quit glitch

So I was playing TTO and my opponent paused the game until the timer expired. So I chose to quit and receive the win. But I didn’t get the win instead I got ko’d When I only had 1 loss?? Anybody know about this. Also why do people constantly pause and unpause on TTO??

So yes if you choose to quit when the timer expires, Both players get the loss. As for why you got 2 losses idk.

As for the “pause cheese” it’s mostly just to talk smack. They get a green, they pause to taunt. Get a dunk, so the same.

Ok but they’re not pausing to say anything. I notice mostly they do it just as they shoot and then it always make it in. Coincidence?

It’s called flash-pausing, it’s basically non-verbal communication to brag or complain. People do it mid-shot like a, “So there!”


I love it when they pause mid shot and it bricks. Dumbasses can’t even pause cheese correctly. Lmao