TTO MT spots definitely boosted

I have gotten multiple 500s and no 100s in spots I haven’t landed in before I’m making almost 1000 MT a game


yeah crazy MT inflation right now. TTO is worth the grind right now just like the first few weeks

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Ive gotten good mt spots but nothing much in last few days.

Hit 10x tokens twice earlier tonight

I just want a shot at Harden. They should’ve at least left him in there a full 24hrs so eveyone has a shot


I got my first diamond pack in like 30 games and I hit it .


i hit the corner back to back when i was trying to get 2nd slot from the corner. got a bronze pack and 100mt instead of a league pack smh

its crazy I aim for the MT slots now


Yeah for real. Now I’m more excited for MT slots than bronze packs lol

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