TTO MT Calculation

If 2K devs are lurking around here I gotta say one thing. Fix the TTO calculation. Why do I get penalized MT for going 3-3 from 3 and 9-9 from the field!! I lose 225 MT for the FG cuz I don’t get 10 attempts and I don’t get the 3 point MT because I didn’t take 5. IF there is TTO in 2K20, at least bring down the FG attempts to 7 or 8 so we can get the MT for having a prefect game. Seems like the easiest fix.


Props to you for even knowing the MT calculation in the first place

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And let us quit lmao(dont give ball drops tho)

Lol. For kicks I’ve been trying to put together the highest perfect score. It looks like the highest possible score without OT is like 550. You would need to go 11-11 on just two pointers and shut them down on def with a few steals and blocks. Adds up when you clear 3-5 boards per day.

You can get over 550 I’ve gotten close to 600 a couple times. I spent all year playing tto. Having 2 puppies makes it hard to concentrate on MTU without pressing pause.

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I quit out the second the buzzer sounds.

Saved Time > The 200MT that I see I lose out on these calculations cause I shot super efficiently