TTO lineups

Ok so my thing with Myteam was always to not follow the trends and look for cards that could always compete with Bron, Giannis, KD, etc… yesterday i popped a few packs(I know shouldn’t have fellas) and I pulled a second Heat Check KD with MT I earned from TTO. And two Heat Check Giannis’s from packs i pulled with cash and man!!! I completely completely understand why everyone uses versions of those cards no matter what tier. They are literally out of this world. Giannis with Casey has a 69 open 3. Add a boost from dimer and if I give him catch and shoot. He’d be nuts. Like ridiculous. He has All the best animations. He even runs better than most cards. KD is crazy as well but for some reason Giannis has a better crossover animation than KD. But they don’t play to their ratings. They exceed everything offensively and defensively. Giannis runs faster than every card. Because he’s so long he’s like the fastest card in game. So in TTO I’m using Ruby moments Trae from 10.10. , Heat Check Giannis and KD. Who have been the most fun for you guys?


Gilbert Arenas/Brandon Roy/Yao Ming.

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frobe kobe/young AD/peja are my fav 3 been on a 14:0 so far with those 3



Diamond melo/ emerald mo Pete/ raef lafrentz

Duncan, AK47, Pierce

Pippen, mopete, HC kd

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I been using iggy/kiki/lanier

kiki straight money from everywhere and lanier gets them boards even tho he only 6’11 reminds me of a smaller wilt

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Iggy, Melo, Issel

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KD Finely Issel

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Iggy,Kiki, Lanier

Lebron, KD, Bird… when the time comes :smiley:

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Melo, Kiki, Ak47
Sometimes I replace Kiki w/ Iggy
I might try Iggy, Ak47, Duncan again but Melo is a bucket

Atm Finley, KD, Melo

Soon : AK47, Hill, Timmy

Melo, Hill, Duncan :muscle:

Iggy-big ben-finley

I ran LeBron AD and bird for so long, I can’t find a trio that I like anymore

Same, deadly lineup

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