TTO lineup help

Hey guys, just starting MT this year and I’m having trouble in tto. Last year I would get to the last board most of the time, this year so far I’m winning about 1 in 4 games. Got PD AI from a locker code, I cannot play defense with him to save my life. My question is who should I be looking to grab for a tto lineup this year? Last year before I quit I ran pd Gay, pd PG, and the free Giannis card.

Have you added clamps to ai, Rudy and thurl

Fultz or stockton for pg

Yep, gold clamps on him but if anyone drives on me they score. I can’t contest anything with him, not sure if I’m doing something wrong or maybe he’s too short

Also how much mt and what’s yer tto squad

500k mt that I bought from someone here, have been running PD Ai, diamond Carmelo with clamps, and the new Thurl card. Tried running Diamond Duncan but he can’t keep up with athletic players

Get a diamond eddie jones and have fultz or stockton and run a fast center or diamond glenn robinson they’re all good options

Or instead of eddie jones diamond zion or pd badged up grant hill or Rudy Fernandez

It works for me at least

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I cant even get to tier 2. I just want to know the best lineup to run into bots so I can get some decent rewards. I tried running a ruby, sapphire and emerald to match with lower rated squads and I still face diamond and pd cards.