I got a drop on a diamond contract and I got a shitty diamond curry shoe when I opened the “contract” pack why does it do this?

Damn, never happened to me before.

Ronnie glitched them, and that’s what makes the diamond contracts so expensive

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I think it’s been this way for a while now. Happened to me yesterday.

Ya I was so hyped it was my first diamond pack drop too smh classic Fucking 2k

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Happens to me all the time


For real so fuckin scan

Another thing 2k needs to fix.

Yeah, that happens all the time. I don’t think contracts are in TTO anymore. Just shoes.

I got one this week, but when it says contract it doesn’t mean anything.

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Yeah, I think they realized how prevalent they were and how they were potentionally losing money with it being that way.

I got a shit shoe I sold for 21k last night. I couldn’t believe it sold @Awanz

What are the odds you actually get a good shoe?
After I got that shoe I had multiple games in a row where I hit big on tokens and packs lol

I got 3 dia contracts in a row yesterday from dia packs

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I got foamposites last night and I pulled the PG’s the other night. It’s rare but it works out when you get them. For example, that locker code we got yesterday, I got the diamond pack, and pulled the fucking Lillard shoes🙄


That’s dope I rarely get good boards but they lit right now for me on a 13 game win streak too!

I usually get shit from those packs, like converse shoe or some lame ass Adiddas, but sometimes you can get lucky.

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I don’t know how much the Curry’s I got go for they boost speed P&R defense I know for sure you know the price on them?

save them for when a new curry drops. that shoe was going for like 50k when the first diamond drop. right now it’s like 8k tops.

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Just check AH ? Not a whole lot i reckon.