TTO Guide?

Would anybody be interested in a TTO guide that focuses on on-ball defense and how to prevent AI players from over helping leaving open shooters?

I know this mode is dying but just in case somebody needed help.


only thing u can do in tto is pray


One of the standard plays they have available actually wins me most of the games. 2nd page. Think it’s off ball screen or something.

If you’re goal is to exclusively play on-ball defense and expect constant success especially against good players with the idiotic CPU on TTO, you’re going to frustrate yourself beyond measure BUT if you’re adamant on doing so, the best thing you can do to make them not rotate or help on defense is to use stay home on quick adjustments. The thing is this does not work all the time and they will still run to help.(Example: a player hop steps with Giannis and spams shot fakes in the paint for some reason makes defending CPU want to run out and help with the contest in paint. Other players know this and abuse it alot) You can also manually choose to deny, smother, tight, gap etc if you select a player and click their icon with R1 or L1(ps4 but forgot which one it is lol). This takes time though and you’ll often give up free baskets in this quick game mode making these adjustments which leads to my next point. The BEST and most efficient way to stop shooters from getting open is manually off-balling, rotating and closing out on defenders.


Hahaha that or just pull up a 3 :rofl:

Best guide for TTO is don’t take it too serious there saved you a couple hours of work .

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I will use some help especially to play on ball def and not lag all the time.

Use this squad I just went thru a board 10-0 undefeated for the first ever in my life.

If you clamp up with Mj, you don’t get issues with help defense, cuz their PG can’t beat him easily if you are on-balling the entire time.

1.) Galaxy Opal MJ
2.) PD ASM KAHWI Leonard
3.) Opal Kevin Durant

Yeah because everyone has that squad . most people looking for help and advise are budget ballers there’s plenty of cheaper options that you can do fine with on TTO Don’t need a Million MT Trio.

Tto is a lot like being hammered drunk looking for a girl to take home and hearing last call. Anything goes and low standards.

I was just excited cuz I went 10-0 for first time.

I’ve came very close with these two squads on my budget account.

1.) Lance Stephenson
2.) miles bridges
3.) Ben Simmons (free card)


1.) Marcus Smart
2.) Miles Bridges
3.) Ben Simmons (he can lock up bigs and block shots in the post and burn any of them, giannis and KD are only equals combo of elite size and speed but you don’t run into them every game.)

The last lineup is the biggest I would ever run, cuz you can stop post cheese 30-40% of time, but odds of them stopping you blowing by with a big is much less.

1.) Miles Bridges
2.) Paul Pierce
3.) Jeff Green or Ben Simmons

I just don’t know why any budget baller would be having issues this year with a free glitched Ben Simmons to play with!!

Other tips of interest:

You need HOF clamps at the 1 it’s a must!!

I tried running that moments Donovan Mitchell that was free or is still like 5kmt and he is great, but his offense isn’t any better than the above mentioned cards, and his gold clamps are quite a bit of a downgrade from Hof. Plus at 6’4 not big enough to run the 2.

If you don’t have HOF clamps at the 1, you’re done.

Sure you can figure out settings and blah blah blah, but every game and player you face plays just a little bit different.

At the two you need a slashing wing with limitless

At the 3 you need a big with ball control and that can knock down an open 3 if faced with the opportunity.

I put a gold 3 point shoe on Ben Simmons at all time.

I usually use the Nike one, it cost about 800-1200mt most days.

It boost his block post fade and 3 I believe which are three boost that really help Ben become elite in the post on offense and defense and help him hit more open jumpers. Same can be said for my other big ruby Jeff green.

got him for 100k hope he sells for 130k at least that shoe is expensive right now on ps4.

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I love that card, I run him at the 3 in unlimited cuz he doesn’t have any rebounding or post def badges but has like a 90 spot up 3 tendency.

He seriously goes like 3/4 from deep every game and once he gets takeover I just switch him to the 4 and blow by everyone.

He’s worth 150k easy!

I hope you get it!

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