TTO guide

Im new to this mode and I need help winning games. My lineup in diamond kawhi, diamond jayson tatum, and diamond christian laettner. I just got destroyed by a sapphire mcgrady.

I probably only lose 2 out of every 100 games in TTO. I’ll help you


Get AS Magic and KP, plug anyone else in.

You need a cheesy stretch big for swing passes it’s mandatory.

Laettner is great at stretching the floor

blake griffen is also good

just won a game against kobe, lebron, and artis all PD’s. I need to kick JT, he is too small I think

First thing first.
Step 1 : Choosing Players: when selecting players for Triple threat. It’s much like selecting players for MTU. You want tall players 6”6 and above, that can shoot well and defend. Select each player by height to know who will play the 1,2, or 3 in your lineup.

Here’s some of the Best TTO players currently. Try to pick up at least 2 of these players.
Amethyst Kristaps
PD Blake Griffin
Amethyst Hedo
Opal Worthy
PD Giannis
Carmelo Anthony
Andrei Kirilenko
Paul George
Kobe Bryant
Arvydas Sabonis
Jayson Tatum
Marc Gasol
Anthony Davis
Magic Johnson

Next is strategy. When inbounding the ball in Triple threat. The first thing you wanna do is space the court out before you even reach half court. Do this by tapping LB on your joystick then select your ball handlers icon. This will force everyone else to run behind the 3 point line. So if you’re using you point guard tap LB (A) then proceed to sauce your way up the court. It should be easy for you to beat one defender one on one with the players above. And if help defense comes pass the ball your open shooter. If the defense has you locked up… call for a quick screen take 2 steps to the left and shoot the jumper or do a behind the back quick screen and shoot the jumper. Mix in some pick and roll as well. Do not be afraid to work the post with your big man as well. Post spins and drop steps. Be sure to identify any post mismatches. More tips coming for defense in a sec


98 Magic or 98 pippen

J smooth


Has been a great combo for me


The second you see the match upscreen. , Look for your matchups, and play through that all game.

I run


Shaq or AD will usually have a post match, play through that, and kick out on doubles

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I’ve probably played 500 games of TTO and never picked up on this. Much better than waiting for them to cycle out.


On Defense. Know your ability/Skill level and who you are guarding. Everyone wants you to play on ball defense. On ball will help you in a lot of situations, but in TTO you will need a mix of both. Know your skill level. If you’re not a great on ball defender, don’t try to be one. Play to your comfort level. You have to know which players to play onball defense against and which ones you’re better off playing the passing lane/ spot defense and letting the Ai help.
For instance if you see your opponent is abusing Giannis or Hedo in a full court iso 5 out type of situation. There is no sense in you trying to be honorable and defend him full court you will not stop him and neither is goin to hit a half court 3. Either manually sit back or allow the ai to defend them until they break they seem like they are about to try to attack the rim. Then you Takeover. Do not manually guard zig zaggers as well. Too much room for error. If your opponent has a big that can’t shoot and he sends him to the 3 point line use that help defender to bother the offensive player. Don’t be scared to switch between players. When you see a screen coming do not play offball defense take your defender and turbo into the offensive player before the screen arrives.


Yep and you can do this in a half court setting as well if the lanes are too congested.

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everybody offball in TTO just do it dont be ashamed and theres alot of BS happening there also like missed open shots/dunks/llayups. oh and another thing when you are defending and you poke the ball lose and there’s a scramble for the ball just dont try to get the ball always go back and defend because its most likely gona end up easy two points for your opponent

Foolproof method to win TTO games: run lineup of
Marc Gasol

Post up the PG every play and dropstep, kick out to open shooters, prosper


Personally I don’t offball unless I see Hedo doing all kind of Playground park dribble moves. I’ll sit back and watch Kirilenko or Worthy lock that BS up. Otherwise I’m playing on ball. But it all comes down to strategy for me. If you have Mutumbo at the 3 point line… best believe I’m going to pull the defender off of him and force the turnover.


Learn how to dribble, then get hedo, even not trying you should win about 90% of your games

This is my lineup where I rarely lose any game. PD Blake AD and Giannis.

I’ve been running Wilt/Giannis/AK. All are huge, can defend and it provides offensive balance. Wilt/Giannis both have white Kobe and AK red Kobe. Height is important and you need a big when you encounter that occasional person who actually uses the post. Having those long armed hybrid players comes in very handy when you face someone who spams pick and roll 3’s with the likes of Hedo. Attack the weak match up at all times

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