Tto goat squad

Greek freak
Versatile and unstoppable!! I’m not much of a tto guy, but 20 in a row easily. :boom:

Anti-lag squad, straight layups and dunks :joy:

For the most part, this is true :hugs:

Only shoot completely wide open 3’s and its hard to beat

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Defense on 10 straight up. And I never knew how predictable most guys are in tto.

1/5 games you’ll get someone who doesn’t do the same thing every time. Especially inbounding the ball its bad, makes me feel like dr strange knowing when to intercept passes and hit x to steal a whole second before :joy:

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Porzingis, Hakeem, Giannis

This lineup shits on anyone not running a big. W every time.

KAJ DRob Giannis. No Need to Explain.

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Giannis Mchale Shaq :sweat_smile:

AK is a must in tto yall sleeping

Amy Batum



I’ve gotten a few messages when people’s opals get cooked up by Batum. He plays like a top tier pink diamond. Absolutely godly handles at 6’8 with a nice release and HOF D stopper. Easily the best Amy in the game. I can probably name 10 opals he is legit better than.


I never lose with this lineup, even against all big lineups MJ just pick pockets the shit out of them

Limited MJ
Limited Bron


infinite contract on Kyrie Nash and Harden to play offline is extreme fun

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Magic, Bird, & Kareem


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Opal AK-47
Opal McHale
PD Cousins

Been killing with Cousins. If he gets bullied for a whole game I’ll switch him to stronger like Hakeem/Shaq/Bill Russell. Cousins been doing his thing

Non goat squad… Been rotating these guys. They’re all gravy

Issac Bonga/Markelle Fultz/Nicolas Batum

Manu Ginóbili/ D Mo Peterson/ Julius Irving

Cousins/ Marvin Bagley III/ Moses Malone

KD, PG, reward Giannis
I usually run through the whole board undefeated.

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Shaq, KAJ and Big O because of the duo boost to those guys.

I’ve been running Magic, Larry Bird and Kareem and I don’t think I’ve even lost in 3 days


Limited Lebron/KG/Shaq

All are big and can handle the rock. Plus they each have all Hof D badges