TTO Equlizer?

The worst I have ever noticed in the game. I can’t play this game anymore. Its put a dent in my life that hurts. I can’t handle playing it and I don’t think I will be able to spend a dollar more. Sooooooo much I could talk about, its simple thought. This game is bullshit and 2k are full of greedy assholes. I either have games where my players work like normal or its very abnormal. Where my guys can’t do anything right. Its like switching from a high performance car to steering a 500 dollars beater that has major play in the steering wheel.

How can I be serious about wanting to achieve anything in such a game. Its seriously pointless if you have to play this game knowing some fuckery is happening to allow some Newb to have a close game or win.

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They key is to make the squad equalizer proof.

Probably cleared 4 boards in a row without losing with Shaq-Yao-Big Z

I’m a strong believer in EQ but I never felt it on this game mode. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten it a few times before everyone had full Opal squads. Even now though you’ll run into that damn sapphire Giannis from time to time. I feel like 2K tinkers with the sliders this far into the game to test and calibrate for 2k20.

Buy madden way more rewarding

Seems the complete opposite to me. And I believe there is eq in-game

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I feel this lol, you just have to not care about winning for it to be fun. If i brick every shot i just start laughing, if the all pd team gets the w so be it

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I know nothing about American Football :slight_smile: I’m from Europe.

What better time to learn then now #notbuying20 lol