TTO enough is enough

Fix these damn boards 2k. there’s only two real modes on this game how you gonna nerf these rewards so bad. Damn.


They should remove bronze packs and have at a minimum 1 token in each slot.


Its disgusting man, i dont get it why cant they put some cheap cards on there tho.


There should be at least 1 token on every board

You’re not even guaranteed to get it, why not just at least put it on the fucking board? Shouldn’t feel like Christmas when you see 1 x token. Fucks sake


1 token in each slot. Common most people are grinding for tokens for an Opal Gary Payton that would be 200K on the ah.

I cleared the board 4 times in the past 24 hours or so.

Saw one diamond pack…IN THE CORNER

But i did pull PD Marbury this morning out of a CNY pack, so I got that going for me


What did you do with the 12k you got for him?


2k should take some advice from EA on how to properly reward their community. EA pretty much gave out free high rated cards all year with madden. 2k should be ashamed because the boards are a joke


I still don’t get why they have the league moments packs on the boards. Reg season been over. Could easily replace them w/ playoffs packs.


I spent nowhere near as much time on madden as i did on 2k, and my team on mut is great. 98 ovr.

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i still dont get why they know we complain and go right back to this state.

Yep, nothing in those packs. So dumb

man they their because i had some good pulls but they made it real bad lately

The fact that moments cards weren’t even pullabe in these packs all season was peak laziness. Must have ripped over 100 zero moments pulls of any kind.

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Was this really confirmed?

This past Monday and Tuesday the boards were lit AF. I got two white Kobe AD mids, a pair of foams, and a diamond contract.

The entire weekend I saw one diamond pack in five boards. And it was in the corner.

They definitely mess with the odds on the boards and there are certain times when it’s not even worth playing.

man i played last 4 days and bit my tongue on this garbage , but no not confirmed it could just be my boards.

I got 25k :smirk:

But I went all out for Kobe over the weekend, and then spent the remainig 90k trying to pull Kobe still cause I’d rather use a Kobe that I pull if I could help it.

So that Marbury put me over 100k and now I have some capital to work with lol

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I’ve played A LOT of tto and never pulled a moment card I highly doubt there was any moments cards in those packs.