TTO bots

Are they still a thing, I just started playing again after missing 2 seasons and don’t wanna miss Randall. But if I have to face one more trio of Danny ferry Ben Simmons and Bol Bol I’m going to actually mutilate my controller,

They are a thing. Matched up with a few trying to get Randle on my way to the top board.

How do u match with them?

Curious about this too… this mode is so broken

Too sweaty for me to even get to the 3rd tier with my main squad

70%+ of all my unlimited and TTO games here in South Asia are against bots.

Usually can see a bot from the weird lineup and then confirm as they don’t dribble or have routine they don’t deviate from.

At first I thought I was on the sweet gravy train to rewards and MT. Then I realized how much mindless time I have to spend to finish games against bots. Now I have to spend many contracts and sometimes and hour plus to find a human, or not at all and call it quits. Game is broken by Bots in Nepal and 2K doesn’t care.

I want to know how to do it. My PS4 can work :joy:

TTO sure is reminding me why i stopped playing this arcade bullshit.

You can use two silvers, and a diamond or lower to match against a bot

Ruby and two gold/silver and you will get matched up 90% of the time with bot. I always make sure I don’t let it search for a match more than 5 seconds. Just keep trying until u get matched up immediately. If you let it search to long, say hello to Bolx2 and DM Ben.

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I’ve noticed if you mix lower level cards with one good ruby/amy/diamond you should get a bot more often. I run 2 bronze and normally a card I’m using in challenges. I have to say tho, this bronze C Nick Richards is a TTO beast and he gets me to the top board nearly every time. Even against real opponents running better squads he steps up

Lol. Not gonna lie, the funniest game I ever had was against a dude running Diamond Tyrese, Bronze Gill and Bronze Dakota Mathias with Grinches on. I obviously tried to double team Tyrese and both Gill and Dakota dropped 3’s! I’m like what? Checked the stats and Dakota had 95 3pt shot. Dude was running Phil Jackson as coach. That’s some next level sweat. Love it tho.