TTO boards

How juiced are your boards? So far I’ve gotten a PD Andrew Wiggins and a GO D rose.

kinda juiced

i got 2 tokens in 2 boards in a row


Damn stop flexing bro


I got Blake once but I’ve played 7-8 boards

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1 bill walton in 13 hours of gameplay :neutral_face:

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Run the gauntlet of sweats for 10 tokens or 500 mt on a 5ball drop.

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I just got amy DeAndre Ayton.

Should he take KAJ or Wisemans spot?? :thinking:


Almost nothing. Diamond Bogut appeared in a 2-1 board.

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Not juiced at all. Cleared atleast 10 boards today.

Got bogut and GO rose. Rose sells for 40-45k on ps4.

Most of my 5 ball drops are for 500mt and tokens.

Got lucky with Rose on the 5 drop.

Played through like 4-5 boards, only ones I saw were Bargnani and PD Danny Manning.

A PD Manning appeared. Get the ball on him two times. This only happen to me when Mr. Burns sees pigs flying.

5 boards , for an Amy Bargniani. It’s a complete joke.

Probably 2k is screwing me since i got 3 PD Tracy back when they made that mistake. I am never wasting my time on an event like this.

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Since Friday I’ve only seen Hakeem, Wiggins, and Bargani.

Second board cleared, got him on the second 5 ball drop LOSS



Yeah I’m not finna waste anymore time on this weak ass cheesy mode lol my luck for the day is used up

Amethyst Hakeem in like 7 boards. I never lose, so is that the reasson? I don’t get it, never get anything.

I just saw d rose on 4 ball drop

And just got 2 on a 5 ball drop


Yeah these boards seem alright, just got a couple of opal Iversons

Hopefully I can get Blake soon

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