TTO Boards Thread: Post daily what boards are currently like

Just wanted to make this thread so everyone can find out whether its worth playing it daily or not. Boards seemed great last night for me and my friends so wanting to make this to see how everyones luck has been…

I find the boards tend to run hot and cold based on time of day. Usually when they’re running hot I’ll get tokens, heat check packs and/or diamond packs on almost every board. When they’re cold, they’re icy and it’s bronze pack city.

So basically, if they’re dry sometimes it’s best to wait until later to play more games, especially if you’re coming up on the 4 and 5 ball drops

Alright. Last night i got about 2 diamond packs. Both a jordan shoe that sells for 5-6k lmao.i have bad luck with heat check packs though…

Just cuz you gettin good rewards wont mean everyone else has the same luck so nah idk bout that

true lol. seems like yesterday they were pretty solid though.

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This morning the boards were pretty strong for me. Had two different 10 token slots and three Diamond packs on 10 boards. Unfortunately they were all in the middle of the board so I only ended up hitting one Diamond pack and missed all the tokens. Pulled the white Converse that sell for less than 3K. Not a happy camper. Still, with better luck I could’ve come away with 20 tokens and some real MT.