TTO boards lit right now

It was still Granger that got it done for me lol I swear he plays like he has HOF Limitless but its just that his release is so easy to green

i did the domination in the first 2 weeks with emeralds and rubies lol (except finely)

They must have changed something because the CPU straight up cheats the last few games

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I cheesed it very hard

I finally torched the fantasy dom MVPs last night… but, not enough MT earned. I hate this game sometimes.

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Landed on a 750 MT most I’ve ever gotten

I beat them by using 2-3 zone, sometimes switching to 3-2 zone, use a diamond defensive coach and off ball with the center to move over to any guy who has been left open. don’t force 3’s, their perimeter defense is good, so you won’t shoot lights out. go for fouls on fast break’s, not open 3’s. I got over 1,000 MT for that game last night.

Got trash all night until this board. Only got 1 pack though since the corner is fkn impossible to land on

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I can’t remember the last time I got a board with 2 diamond contracts

I’ve gotten like six this weekend except they were all 5 K shoes. The same as hitting a limitless or D Stopper.

I guess my luck is just really bad. On top of that I’ve pulled 8 20 packs no magic or Kobe


It’s whatever, I don’t actually spend money on the game.

I don’t know if you remember my threads but I blew about the same I believe and nothing.

At least you know I’m honest if I don’t get F’d over.

Yeah every day I purchase a 20 pack since he’s been released

Back to Back Diamond Shoes :hushed:

Which ones because all they give me is trash Diamonds shoes wish they would just give me Diamond contracts

2 cheap jordans…

Back at it with the late night TTO online grind, its good right now

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