TTO boards lit right now

Played 2 games. Got 20 tokens so far. Never seen the 10 token on back to back boards. Maybe they’re making up for shitting us on Magic packs??


I just hit on 10 tokens. But before that it was 3 straight boards of mt and bronze packs. I think it’s just random

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I hit that 10 & the 1 in the opposite corner right after. Thats a first as well.

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I missed the Day in History pack on my board earlier today I was pissed

There’s a bit of luck and strategy from what I can tell. Often I can hit the slot if I drop the ball where I intend but it has to hit my spot precisely. On the other hand, there’s times I drop the ball and it cant move faster if it tried to the worst slot on the board. Sometimes I can drop it 3 different places and it lands on the same terrible reward. That’s when I call bullshit


Tto boards are juiced right now. Lots of diamonds and league packs


Got 2 diamond shoes & a contract playing earlier. Even saw a 1000 mt prize

I think AI packs are gone haven’t seen one in days.

I got one yesterday it had sapphire kemba lol

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Has anyone ever got PD AI from the AI pack? I am feeling it would be nearly the same odds and winning the lottery

Boards are still fire. 2 diamond shoes and another 10 token hit in my last 8 wins.

I’ve seen at least 1 diamond pack on my last 2 runs, but only when i had 1 or 2 drops. Besides that I’ve hit on 10 tokens 3x, 3 tokens 4x and 1 token once. Pretty good compared to my previous endeavors


Went 10-0 and a moments pack was my highlight. Not even opening it since there’s nothing in moments currently

Same here. Went 10-0 and got league moments pack and 1 tokens 2 times

Same thing for me 1 token and league pack

I managed an AI pack.

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I had one diamond pack in last 15 boards, three times some tokens.

I am at that stage, that I am usually trying to hit MT, if there is not diamond or tokens, just so I dont have to open those fucking TT packs one by one.


yesterday the boards were full of tokens

Hope it’s the same tonight, I was on call so I couldn’t play much online. But I did finish fantasy dom! Soooo much easier with Magic

Yea I figure now that I have KAJ, Iggy, Oscar and Magic, this fantasy dom should be cake